Monday, May 13, 2013

Gender Reveal Party

I forgot to post this with the "it's a girl" post. Since this is our first child and Anthoy's parents first grandchild we are kind of making a big deal about it so of course when I saw the idea on pinterst for a gender reveal party we had to partake. I waited all day to go to the drs for my ultra sound. Anthony's mother came along. This was my third one and I'm still amazed every time I see my baby on the ultrasound screen. We took our votes in the hospital I voted boy as well as Anthony's mother and Anthony voted girl. We asked the doctor to write it on a paper and seal it in an envelope. The day before I called the bakery and told them my plan and that I would be right over after my appointment to drop off the envelope. We asked that she do a layer of frosting in the middle dyed pink or blue for a boy or a girl. We invited Anthony's whole family to his parents house and took another vote. It came up 6 for girl and 6 for boy. My adrenaline was building up and then it was time to cut the cake and pink is what it was. Ahhh I'm having a girl.

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